Custom Orders

For all custom inquiries please include:

  • Type (Necklace, choker, anklet, bracelet, waist chain, thigh chain)
  • Finish (silver, gold, etc)
  • Desired Look (explain what you’re looking for in your custom piece) 
  • Communication Preferences (Text or E-Mail)

Please include measurements for waist and thigh chains. All chains will include extenders, lengths depending on style.

All custom orders are a minimum of $30 and the price increases depending on what you’re looking for in your piece. Depending on communication preference I will either respond to your custom order request via text or email! 

There will be a deposit due once your custom order is confirmed with me. The deposit will be half the price of your order. I accept Zelle and Apple Pay and will provide further details and instructions upon confirming order.

Warranty: All items are under a lifetime warranty. I will fix or replace your items free of charge, you will just pay shipping. To start you repair/replacement inquiry, e-mail us at for further instructions.